Q: Do I need to vacuum before getting my carpets cleaned?

A: Vacuuming is generally a good idea as well as removing any children’s toys or pet items.

Q: Will steam cleaning make the carpet “shrink?”

A: No, this is a myth. Steam cleaning carpet does not alter it in any manner, shape, or form.

Q: How wet will the carpet be when you are done?

A: Generally the carpet will be mildly damp to the touch, often drying within 24-48 hours depending on ventilation. If there is sufficient air movement it is not unusual for carpets to be completely dry within a few hours.

Q: Will bleach spots be removed?

A: No because bleach is a harsh chemical that dyes the actual carpet fiber and the only way to fix bleach stains is to have the carpet repaired, patched or replaced.

Q: Will the cleaning process kill fleas?

A: The complete removal of fleas cannot be guaranteed, as it is best to seek professional pest control for help.

Q: Can pet urine be removed?

A: It is highly recommended that an enzyme product be applied before cleaning as it aids in reducing pet odor. This enzyme will help reduce not eliminate odors. Highly soiled pet areas affect the padding below the carpet requiring repair or replacement.

Q: Will you guarantee the removal of all my spots?

A: There are no extra charges for spot removal. We cannot guarantee complete removal of all stains because some soak into the backing of the carpet, which is difficult to remove. They may seem to be gone but magically reappear a few days later. Technically this is known as “wicking.”

Q: How often do I need to have my carpet cleaned?

A: Carpet manufacturers recommend twice a year, but depending on your environment (i.e.-pets and highly traveled traffic areas), carpet may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Q: Will my furniture look like new when you’re done?

A: We cannot guarantee that your furniture will look brand new, but there will be a considerable difference. The cleaning process penetrates deep down into the fibers removing soil, body oils and dust collected throughout the years. Most clients definitely see a difference when we are finished.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the cleaning?

A: Our technician will remove and put back furniture that is safe for one person to move. You should remove all breakable items, electronics, lamps and plants that may fall over.

Q: Will carpet cleaning fix discoloration?

A: No we do not add or remove color during the cleaning process.

Q: Can you clean berber carpet?

A: Yes, we lower the pressure and use less moisture. When cleaning we highly recommend turning on ceiling fans to create air movement and opening all windows to speed drying. Browning usually occurs as a result of excessive moisture and long drying times.

Q: Will the scotchguard/protector I have on my carpet come off during the cleaning?

A: No time wears down the protector once applied by manufacturers. It is recommended that the protector be re-applied after each cleaning. Our steam cleaning process will not void any warranties you may have with the carpet manufacturer.

Q: Can dark discoloration patterns in high traffic areas be removed?

A: The steam cleaning process may lighten high traffic areas, but depending upon the age of the carpet, these areas can become permanently discolored as the carpet fibers wear down.

Q: Will having the protector on my carpet keep it from getting stained?

A: No, the protector does not keep it from getting stained. It does not bullet proof your carpet. Protector helps suspend soil not adhering to carpet fiber, therefore making maintenance easier. You reduce staining with protector on your carpet in addition to immediate action when items are spilled on the carpet.

Q: Can I walk on the carpet right after it is cleaned?

A: We recommend wearing clean white socks if you are going to walk on the carpet, but use caution when walking from a carpeted area to tile, as it may be slippery.

Q: Can white upholstery be cleaned?

A: White upholstery can be cleaned, but the technician will check the furniture tag prior to cleaning as some materials like suede, velour, and velvet-like materials cannot be safely cleaned and most must be dry cleaned.

Q: How long should I leave the protective blocks under my furniture?

A: A good rule of thumb, even though the carpet may be dry, we recommend at least one full day. Removing protective items from under the furniture too early can result in permanent staining if the furniture happens to bleed onto the damp carpet. The metal on furniture legs can cause rust stain

Q: Will tile and grout cleaning damage the grout?

A: Our technician will do an inspection of the floor prior to cleaning to identify any problem areas. Loose grout will come up, but the overall cleaning does no damage to the tile or grout.

Q: Is there any type of tile that cannot be cleaned?

A:  We will not clean marble or certain imported stones.

Q: Can oriental area rugs be cleaned?

A: Yes, although the technician will inspect the rug prior to cleaning to make sure the colors will not bleed. Most oriental rugs can be safely cleaned however.