Carpet Cleaning

Our truck mount clean system has high pressure and hot water that reaches over 180 degrees that results in deep cleaning.  We don’t just remove surface dirt; we remove small particles that get trapped between the fibers and near the backing of the carpet. We extract over 80% of the moisture that is applied and you can expect your carpets to dry completely within 12-24 hours.  Provided outside conditions are favorable and there is sufficient air movement, typically carpets are completely dry within hours.

Got tile? We can clean it.  We use environmentally safe products that clean your tile and grout.  Our process includes scrubbing, rinsing and extraction with different equipment attached to our truck mount.  The pressure and water temperature is increased significantly resulting in surprising results.  We also offer grout sealing which helps eliminate discoloring and staining if maintained properly.

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    After-Carpet Cleaning
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Tile and Grout

Cars, Trucks, Recreational Vehicles and Boats

How many times have you accidentally spilled a soda in your vehicle?  How may times have you said to yourself that you really need to have it cleaned?  We can do it all from seats to carpet.  From small cars to extended limos  – you will be glad you had it done.  We use the same steam cleaning process with our truck mount, however with less pressure.  Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn we can clean their boats (parked or docked) and recreational vehicles.  Call us for pricing.

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Carpet Repair Offered

Certified in carpet repair by IICRC instructors and after completing required courses, we are able to fix most carpet challenges.  We can stretch carpet if it becomes loose over time, perform a bonded insert (patch an area for you), replace a section of carpet and seam carpet.  We do not perform new carpet installations.

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Furniture Cleaning

Cleaning furniture can be tricky.  We have mastered the techniques to bring back the brightness of your white sofa.  Before we even attempt to clean it, we will inspect it.  Most of the time, there are cleaning codes located on the decking of the sofa.  If we determine that your furniture does not need to be dry cleaned- we can clean it.  Of course we cannot guarantee it will look like new, however previous customers have been amazed at their results.  We take our time, apply very little moisture and add air movement to speed the drying process.

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